Break For Me…now available

Keep up with the Bell family…Jensen’s story is now available   “How was your weekend?” “Enchanting.”  That slow smile tugged at his lips and he asked, “Yours?” She had to give the man credit.  With a lazy smile and a simple word, he turned her heart to putty and also managed to make her clench […]

Break for Me…one more day!

For those who celebrate, I hope you had a lovely Easter. We went to sunrise service at church, then had a family pitch with all my brothers, their wives, the kids, my mom… Comics & movies were discussed. “Who is best…Thor, Superman, the Wolverine or the Hulk…”…then we moved on to the topic of…”Would the […]


We have a winner a Rafflecopter giveaway If you didn’t win but still wanna read it, it will be out in less than two months. **Note…excerpt is from my editing copy-may contain typos Rattling.  Metal rattling and clinking.  Courtesy dictated that she leave and she looked around once more for Noah, but he wasn’t in […]

Coaches & Books

Sooo…. I’m doing this. It’s coming soon. For Break For Me & Long For Me.   The prize: Coach purse (Worth $100 ~ Coach Outlet rocks) 3 signed books from my backlist $20 GC to Amazon or BN Signed cover flat for Sweeter than Sin (Adam has tattoos…) I was recently told this: Jut finished […]

Break For Me…

So… did you meet Tate from BURN FOR ME? It’s time to meet Dean…and Jensen, Tate’s younger sister. That attitude of hers shouldn’t be so appealing. He understood the need for the attitude—he’d learned young to cover his, though. Cover the attitude, cover the teeth, all until he had reason otherwise. Jensen had either never […]

Burn For Me…

Due out next week…. have you preordered?     Just do it. But then, as she tried to brace herself to do just that, he dipped his head and rubbed his cheek against hers.  There was no deep, breath-stealing kiss.  She might have been able to find the strength to stand against the want.  She […]

Wrapping up a series…

I’m just about done (probably will be by the time this posts) with the next book in The Grimm’s Circle series. I bawled through the second to the last chapter. Something really rough happened-caught me by surprise. As I’m not a plotter, exactly, I didn’t see this coming, but knowing what I knew about this […]