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Sweeter than Sin… want an early read?

It’s just a few more weeks… Saved one of my copies for a giveaway here.  Want it?     It could be said that Adam Brascum loved women. It could be said. But it would be off-target.  Adam didn’t love women—he didn’t hate them, but he didn’t love them, either.  He needed them. The soft […]

Reader Q on abuse in books

p5rn7vb So I had recently somebody ask me why I had abuse in my books, specifically Kit’s books…was I having fun torturing her? This comes up a lot, so I’m just going to blog about it and when I get asked, I’ll direct people here. Do I torture my characters or write about abuse because […]

Isn’t he pretty? You Own Me

It had always been her… Ten years had passed since the doors slammed shut behind Decker Calhoun, taking away his freedom, but more importantly, locking him away from Elizabeth Waters, the only woman he’d ever loved—the woman he’d given up everything for. The day he was sentenced, he’d looked at her and said, No regrets, […]

Would you like to see…

The third and final cover for the Secrets & Shadows series?   This is one of my more…tortured heroes, folks. This wasn’t an easy story, and he wasn’t an easy character…And that’s about all I saying about him for now. But I’ll share this. A hand touched his arm. He fought the urge to react, […]

Lacey’s Game…new-ish release 30% off

So this book had sort of a sneak release date…it’s an EC book and it ended up coming out right in the middle of deadlines, me getting ready for RT and my Secrets & Shadows releases and I didn’t really have time to prepare for the release or anything. So we’ll do it now! For […]

Deeper than Need… now available!

So my newest romantic suspense is now out. Even when she hadn’t realized she was that close to falling apart, he’d been there. Maybe now she wouldn’t have to bury her face in the pillow to keep from choking back the screams so she wouldn’t wake up Micah. “Thank you,” she said, ignoring the erratic […]

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