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Shiloh Walker

The Grimm on sale

The Grimm are sale…gearing up for the release of the final book in the series! All the earlier books in the series are $1.99 or less.

Candy Houses  0.99

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No Prince Charming 1.99

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Crazed Hearts 1.99

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Tarnished Knight 1.99

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Locked in Silence 1.99

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Grimm Tidings 1.99

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Blind Destiny 1.99

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Furious Fire 1.99

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Grimm’s End, the final Grimm tale, is up on Netgalley

Grimm's End

The last story in the Grimm’s Circle series is coming out next month. Right now, it’s up on Netgalley. If you’re a review, it’s a great time to check it out.

Also, you can now preorder!


“Trying to keep him from giving into the dark side.”

A weak laugh escaped me. “You remembered some of your geek training, Will.”

He took a step toward me. “I forgot the color of the sky. I forgot the sound of human voices. I forgot what it was to have food in my belly…”

He was in front of me now.

“But I didn’t forget the sound you made when you sighed in your sleep,” he murmured, reaching up to cradle my face. “I didn’t forget how you laughed when you teased me or the way you would try to make me laugh. You made me laugh when I had gone centuries without it. I forgot so much…but I didn’t forget you.”

I gasped when he lowered his face to mine. When he brushed my lips with his, I felt tears burn.

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The Trouble With Temptation…

So… I told y’all about my sexy Scot, right?  Ian?  He’s in Headed for Trouble with Neve, the first book in The McKay series, starting in January.

FYI, Ian is fun and dirty lives to make Neve blush and laugh.  Be warned, dirty words ahead.


Ian studied her solemnly and then looked down. After another moment, he picked up a letter and added it to the board game in front of them.

Neve looked down and felt her face go red as she read the word c-u-m. “That doesn’t count as a word. Well, not unless you’re a thirteen-year-old boy.”

Ian winked at her. “A thirteen-year-old boy lives in the heart of every man, love.”

She rolled her eyes. “You’re just trying to get cheap points now. I’m going to win and you know it.”

“Well, if we’d played strip Scrabble, it wouldn’t matter who won or lost. But we had to play it with our clothes . . . oi, that’s not a word, either!” He glared at the board where she’d used a d to make out the word v-a-d-e-r.

“Sure it is. As in Darth Vader.” She smugly tallied up the points. “If you can use dirty words, then I can use names.”

“Dirty words, eh?”

She realized she’d somehow unconsciously challenged him. A few minutes later, he had the word c-u-n-t and she wrinkled her nose at him. “I don’t like that word.”

“I don’t see why not.” He shrugged, unabashed. “It’s short for cunnilingus, you know, and you do enjoy that. So if I were to say, Neve, I want to lick your cunt—”

She threw one of the little letters at him and he didn’t dodge it in time. “Come now,” he said, rubbing at the red mark on his cheek. “What if you’d hit me in me mouth? I wouldn’t be able to put it to good use later.”

“Are we going to play or are you just using this to try and embarrass me?”

Ian reached out and stroked his finger down her hand. “Why would it embarrass you to know that I plan on putting my hands all over you later, Neve?”

Her breath hitched when he caught her hand and lifted it to his lips, catching one finger in his mouth and sucking on it. Heat fluttered inside, then spread when he pulled that finger out and moved to the other. “It wouldn’t embarrass me if you sat there and told me that you wanted to put your mouth on my cock. Or any other part of me.”

Before she could formulate any sort of reply, he let her hand go and then braced his elbows on the coffee table. The lights were dim, the remnants of a pizza on the table next to them. “Right, then. Your turn, Neve.”

Dazed, she looked down at her letters.

She had no idea what possessed her but she did it.

She reached out and took from the words already on the board, highly aware of Ian’s bemused expression. As she spelled out the word c-o-c-k, she didn’t dare look at him.

A moment later, the Scrabble board went flying and she was on her back on the couch, with Ian sprawled on top of her.

“I think you win that round,” he said, his voice gruff.

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So…that’s Ian and Neve.

May I introduce you to Hannah and Brannon? Brannon is Neve’s older brother, while Hannah is one of her friends from high school.

Love is the greatest risk of all.

After seven days in a coma, Hannah Parker remembers nothing about the accident that landed her in the hospital—or how she ended up pregnant with Brannon’s baby, the man she’s loved since high school. Her body and heart have burned for him for years, and when she wakes up, he’s sleeping by her bedside, anxious to keep her safe at all costs. But as Hannah struggles with her amnesia, a threat looms closer—one that could have deadly consequences if she recovers her memories.  She will have to trust Brannon completely if she is to keep what haunts her at bay…and their baby safe….

Brannon McKay spent the last ten years fantasizing about Hannah. In his mind, he’s explored every passionate scenario he can think of while, in real life, Brannon took their budding relationship and threw it away with both hands. Hannah doesn’t remember what happened but now that she is awake, Brannon would rather die than watch her walk away again. When Hannah and his unborn child’s life is threatened, Brannon must stake claim to the woman who has held his heart captive for years…or risk disaster tearing them apart…



Hannah gasped at the feel of his hand on her lower back.

“I’ll be right back,” Dr. Shaw said.

Hannah barely heard her over the sound of blood roaring in her ears.


Slowly, she lifted her head and met Brannon’s eyes.

“Are you okay?” he asked.  The soft, gentle note in his voice was so unlike him.

He brushed his fingers down her neck and she looked away.  A shiver raced down her spine and she had to fight the urge to lean into his touch, lean into him.

His lips slid across her temple and she caught her breath, need stirring inside her.   Need, love…so many emotions.

In the back of her mind, she heard the echo of his voice…wake up, come back to me…I’m  sorry.

She knew he’d come to see her in the hospital.  People told her that he’d been there.  Every day.  One of the nurses, Jenny, she’d said he read to her.  He’d read Jude Deveraux’s Velvet Song to her.  The first romance Hannah had ever read and she was on her third copy of it.  He’d found her dog-eared copy and brought it to her, read it to her while a cop stood on duty outside her room.

A crazy urge drove her and before he could pull back, she turned her face toward his, lifting her mouth before he moved away.  Twisting her head around, she reached for him, fisting her hand in the collar of his shirt and dragging him closer.   He didn’t move as she pressed her mouth to his.

“You’re going to drive me crazy, Brannon,” she said against his lips.

When she kissed him again, a harsh sigh escaped him.  He stood there, his hands braced on the table, one near her hip, the other precariously perched between her knees.  She wondered what he’d do if she wiggled closer and rubbed against him.

Then she stopped thinking at all, because he’d broken the kiss.

The interruption might have lasted mere seconds.  He moved from his position at the foot of the table to standing in front of her.  One hand went to either of her knees and she sucked in a breath as he pushed them wide and moved to stand between splayed thighs.

Then he reached up, tangling his hands in her hair.  “Open your mouth,” he said, his voice a low rasp, scraping against her senses like raw silk over bare flesh.

She parted her lips and his tongue swept him.

The taste.

She shuddered and reached up, grasping at his arms, her nails sinking into his biceps.

She whimpered when he cupped her breast, the heat of his hand apparent even through her bra and shirt.

I’ve probably fantasized about getting my hands on your tits about a hundred times now.

Hannah tore her mouth away, shoving him back.


Panting, she stared at him.

Cool air kissed her flesh and she looked down, dismayed to find her shirt open.

How had he managed that?  He’d had his hands on her maybe thirty seconds.

“Hannah, what’s wrong?” Brannon asked, taking a step toward her.

She shook her head and hopped off the table, moving to stare outside.

I’ve probably fantasized about getting my hands on your tits about a hundred times now.

It was Brannon’s voice she heard in the back of her head, clear as day. She knew what was happening.  It was another one of those memories, trying to slip free from whatever held it trapped.  It had started like that at first—Brannon had been the one to make all those blocks come down to begin with.  He’d sat in with her in the room in the hospital, along with Neve.  Neve had been talking about school and Hannah had listened, but with despair.

“You hit me in the head with a rock once,” he’d told her.

Those words, so easily delivered, had startled out of her misery.  He hadn’t even been looking at her as he said it.  He’d been busy staring at his phone, tapping away at it, like there was nothing going on outside that screen that interested him.

He’d paused for a moment and looked up at her. In an almost bored tone, he said, “There I was thinking I’d need stitches and bleeding all over the place and you told me to stop being a baby so you could clean it up.”

Wanna order? Sure! Go ahead~

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I missed my calling

Sometimes I think I should have gone into photography.  :)

See this?  The next time you see it, it will be magically morphed into a cover for the Kit Colbana books.

urban fantasy book covers

Who is that gorgeous young lady, you ask?

Why…that’s Diva.  My oldest.  Yes, it’s kinda small and you can’t enlarge, but I don’t want anybody grabbing it.  I’m taking a whole bunch of pictures of her and my cover lady is going to make her into Kit.  Blonde hair, bad-ass backgrounds…

Cute young lady with kicking sword = awesome urban fantasy book covers.

I’m planning to repackage the whole series.  I love the model I’ve used for the Kit books, but she’s popping up on a lot of books now.  Once I’m done repackaging these, nobody will have these covers.  And I gotta say… my daughter makes one hell of a Kit. At least when it comes to cockiness. 😉


Meet Neve & Ian…Headed for Trouble

For those who like my small town romances…

Nine years ago, Neve McKay fled her small Southern town and disapproving family to seek a career in the big city. Now she’s finally coming home-and hoping for a fresh start. But the relationship that shattered her world still haunts her. And even among her nearest and dearest, she doesn’t feel safe. . .

Ian Campbell is a pure Scottish muscle-as hard and handsome as they come. But when Neve walks into his bar, his heart melts. . .and he vows to have this gorgeous and somewhat vulnerable woman in his life-for better or for worse. What is Neve’s tragic secret? And how can Neve expect Ian to protect her, when doing so could put his own life at risk? The only thing Ian knows for sure is that he will do whatever it takes to keep her out of harm’s way-and in his loving arms. . .


* * * * *

I’ve seen the cover and it’s oh so awesome.

Also, no.  This isn’t the surprise.  This is the first in my next trilogy with St. Martins, centered around the McKay family, Neve, Moira and Brannon, patriarchs of the town McKay’s Treasure, a small Mississippi town.

I had mad fun with these two.

Here ya go…


She stood in the doorway, oddly apart from everybody else even as she studied them, eyes moving to linger on a group here, then there.  After a couple of moments, she moved away and he found himself tracking her progress.

Don’t be here to meet somebody, he thought and immediately, he wanted to kick himself.  What did it matter if she was?

He told himself it didn’t and glanced up at Gary Harnett settled down and ordered his usual.  Ian started to build the Guinness as they chatted, but the entire time, he watched her from the corner of his eye.

She moved like a dancer, effortless grace and easy elegance.  He could imagine those legs, long and slim, wrapped around his waist, could picture that torso—just as long and slim—bent back as he leaned over to press his mouth to pale, soft skin.

Gary said, “They say it’s going to break a hundred again tomorrow.”

“Imagine it will,” Ian murmured, the easy chatter second nature and in his mind, he continued to mentally undress the redhead.

She slid onto a vacant stool tucked up against the wall just as he finished Gary’s Guinness and Ian was took a moment to appreciate the fact that he had a heavy, solid bar between the two of them, because thanks to his wandering mind, his bloody cock was hard as iron and pulsing.

She looked at him then, her mouth unsmiling, but wide and soft and lush.

Fuck me.

He rested his hands on the bar and smiled.  You’ve a job to do, so do it.

He opened his mouth.

You’re the sexiest fucking thing I’ve seen in ages—maybe forever.  He could feel those words hovering on the tip of his tongue.

Biting them back, he fell back on the job he’d been doing for ages.

“Well.  ‘Allo.  What can I get you?”

A faint smile flirted around her lips and a hot ball of lust twisted inside, settling down low in his balls.  Mad.  He’d gone mad—that’s all there was to it.

She nodded toward the Guinness he’d just finished and said, “I’ll have one of those.”

He nodded. Self-preservation told him to move his arse and get to work.

He told self-preservation to get fucked as he got to work on her Guinness.  As he did, four more orders came in and he filled three of them before her Guinness was ready.  By the time he had another minute to breathe, she had folded her hands around her glass and was studying everything around her, almost mesmerized.


She blinked, a startled look in her eyes.  Her gaze slid away.  “Depends on your point of view.”  Then she flashed him a wide smile.

It was disarming, that smile, bright and wicked, the kind of smile a temptress would give a saint to lure him into all manners of sin.

Ian was many things—a saint had never been one of them.  As she propped her elbows on the bar, he found himself easing closer. “I’m here for…personal things, but that’s for later,” she said, lifting her shoulder in a shrug.  “Tonight…?  Tonight I’m just trying to not think.”

I can help you with that.

The words popped into his brain and they almost escaped his lips.

He managed to keep them trapped inside, but one thing he couldn’t do was keep his eyes off that mouth.

She noticed, too.  He could tell by the hitch in her breathing, the way her pulse slammed against the fragile wall of her throat.  Curious, he reached out and pressed a finger against it.

He could very well be doing the stupidest thing he’d ever done.

Her lids drooped and her head slumped, angling slightly to the side.  He skimmed his finger down lower, tracing the elegant line of her collarbone.  “I’ve had days like that,” he said softly.  “Days where the last place I want to be is inside my own head.”

He lowered his hand.

She lifted her head and met his gaze dead-on.

He started to turn away.

“How late do you work?”

Coming in December

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Busted… Four days away

Pretty please, if you enjoy the excerpt, it would be awesome if you check out the book.  If you like it, reviews are appreciated.  They help. :)


The only voice she’d heard had been an internal one that whispered, I need to touch him. So bad. I need . . .

No, as she swiped her key through the card reader, her hands were sweating, almost shaking.

And the damn key card wouldn’t work.

“Figures,” she whispered, her voice hitching.

A warm hand came around, took the key. “Let me see,” he murmured, his voice way too close to her ear.

Eyes closed, she stood there, struck dumb from the want ravaging inside her. The door clicked and she opened her eyes as he came around her to turn the handle, push it open. Then he turned his head, stared at her.

Waiting. On her, she knew.

Do or die, she thought, a little desperately.

Kind of extreme, maybe. But it felt apt. Because in that moment, she knew if she didn’t take him inside . . . and then just take him—let them take each other—some little piece inside of her would feel like it had died.

She slid past him, brushing up against his body as she did so. She felt his ragged intake of air and that hot, hungry need inside trembled, swelled.

She didn’t turn on the light.

As the door clicked shut behind her, she kicked off the spike heels and then turned to look at him.

Abruptly, a line from the book Lynnette had been reading danced through her mind.

With need and want a vicious tangle . . .

Yes, this was a tangle, one that was entirely too twisted, considering how short a time she’d known him. Hours, really. Just a handful of hours when you added it all up.

None of that mattered.

She moved toward him.

He met her halfway and as his arms came around her, everything inside her breathed out a sigh of delight . . . even as the need inside her demanded for more.

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