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Erotic Romance

Some erotic romance titles previously available from a former publisher are temporarily unavailable.  These titles are marked with an **.  Rights reverted back to me in 2015 and I’m working on reissuing them as time allows. 

Some need to be re-edited before I can put them back out.  Thank you.

Whipped Cream & Handcuffs


Once Upon a Midnight Blue**

Make Me Believe

The Dragon’s Warrior**

Wicked Wild Fantasies

previously titled Her Wildest Dreams

Coming in Last**

Touch Of Gypsy Fire**

Mythe & Magick**

Firewalkers: Dreamer**

Under Your Spell**

Mythe Vampire**

Back from Hell**

Her Sexy Scrooge

Every Last Fantasy

Telling Tales**

His Every Desire**

One Night With You**

Djinn’s Wish**


Good Girls Don’t**

The Dragon’s Woman**

Firewalkers: Sage**

Hunter’s Edge

I’ll be Hunting You

Vicious Vixen

Hearts & Wishes**

Playing for Keeps

My Lady

Drastic Measures

Candy Houses

No Prince Charming

Beg Me

Hunters Declan & Tori (2011 reissue)

Locked in Silence

Hunters: Eli and Sarel

Hunters: Byron and Kit

Hunters: Jonathon and Lori


Beautiful Scars

You Own Me


Thirty Nights with A Dirty Boy

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