Coming in Last


Print & Ebook Jamie McAdams expected it to be an open and shut case of embezzlement. The finger seemed to be pointed right at Andi Morrow, the quiet young lady who ran the daycare center at his godfather’s plant. Of course, she didn’t exactly have access to the cash, but she did live seriously outside her means. Andi smelled like vanilla, tasted like sex, and moved like sin. It only took a few days for Jamie to realize he was hooked, and she was being framed. But maybe he should have told her that, before they used her as bait to catch the real embezzler. Jamie always gets his man, even if it means coming in last with the woman he’s fallen in love with.


“If I say no, are you going to keep pestering me?” she asked wearily. “Absolutely,” he said with a smile, following her into the daycare and settling the load on a table close to the door. “Besides, you keep skipping meals, those baggy clothes you wear are gonna slide right off of you.”

She flushed and added a trip to the uniform store to her list of things to do this weekend. Her tunic was sliding off her shoulder and with a grimace, she tugged it back up, thankful she had worn a chemise styled tank top under it. Between Jamie and Leslie’s comments on her clothes, she’d decided it was time to burn the size twelves. If she kept dodging meals, size ten weren’t going to stay on her long, either. “And if I say yes, this once, will you leave me the hell alone?”

“Possibly,” Jamie lied as she made her way into her office. He did not think she would want to hear that leaving her alone was something he could not do. Not now. Maybe ever.

“Possibly?” she repeated, tugging a brightly scrub coat from the hook on the wall, covering up the utilitarian white scrubs she wore. “How possibly is possibly?”

Advancing on her, he caught her chin in his hand, and studied her peaches and cream complexion, her rosy Cupid bow mouth, and her wide set hazel eyes, currently narrowed with forced irritation. She had finally given up wearing the glasses that she did not need, Jamie noticed. “Not very likely,” he admitted.

Lowering his head, he sniffed her hair, nuzzled her neck. “You see, I have this problem; I cannot seem to stop thinking about you. No matter how hard you try to convince me otherwise. This mouth of yours is driving me crazy. You just might deck me if you knew what I wanted to see this mouth doing.”

She swallowed the whimper before it could leave her throat. But she was not so lucky with the moan that followed as he skimmed the side of her neck with his mouth.

“I don’t like it much myself. It is inconvenient to have you in my head all the time,” he murmured, dropping his hands to her waist and sliding them beneath the hem of her shirt, resting them on the soft, smooth skin beneath.”

Rubbing his thumbs in small circles, he raised his head and stared into her befuddled hazel eyes.”You have absolutely no idea how much I want to stop thinking about you,” he said with a scowl, his eyes dark and serious. Then his lids drooped as he focused on her mouth. “And no idea how much I want you,”

The hell with it, she thought suddenly. This man wanted her. He wasn’t married, wasn’t otherwise entangled. So what if he left when his job was done?

At least she would have had a little while with him. I’m so tired of being alone. So tired of pushing him away when all she could think about was how right it felt to be near him, to let him touch her like this. The heat emanating from his body threatened to scald her, but she didn’t care.

He wanted her, really seriously wanted her. And Andi just stopped caring about all the reasons why it was wrong, why being with him would be so wrong.