A Kit Colbana World Short Story

This is a short story. It is only a short story.

Doyle. Human. Tiger. Aneiri. Alone.

Always on the outside, even in a clan. Now, as his dominance grows and threatens to spill out in a wave of violence, he might have to choose between staying with the only family he's ever known, striking out to lead a solitary life or spill blood of those loyal to the clan...and the few he calls family.

follows the events of Haunted Blade and Haunted Magic

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Blooded Blade

Kit Colbana—half breed, assassin, thief, jack of all trades. Master of

Or so she’d always been led to believe.

Over the past few years, Kit Colbana has dispatched some of the worst
threats the non-human races could have imagined. Pandora—a mother of
monsters. Puck, a father of nightmares. Jude, a vampire who nearly drove
Kit to the brink of insanity.

Then there was the Lemera, an ages-old creature of myth, born from Kit’s
own people, an unseen, undead assassin that hunts without rest, kills without remorse. Yet Kit walked away.

Her grandmother’s pet assassin failed to kill her so Kit wasn’t surprised when yet another unwanted memory from her past shows up, looking to take her down. But her blood-hungry, homicidal aunt disappeared without a trace only hours after arrival.

Is it a reprieve? Or something far worse?

Kit’s lover Damon is keeping secrets. Her grandmother’s pet assassin, the Lemera, seems to have taken a liking to Kit. And her grandmother, Kit’s own worst nightmare, is haunting her dreams.

They’re all on a collision course with fate and it can only end one way…bloody.


Son. Brother. Friend. Lover. Husband. Father.


Throughout his long life, he has been all of these things. But before all else, he has been a protector. He has made friends, but more importantly, he has made enemies. One has stalked him through the millennia, centuries before he took the name Chang and long before he found a lost, orphaned boy who would one day become one of the most powerful Alphas in the world.

Take a step back in time and look through the eyes of the powerful being known simply as Chang .

Author note: this short novella is a series of vignettes throughout Chang’s life, starting in childhood and up to the years right before he came into Damon’s life, then connecting to the events at the end of Blooded Blade. It all ties together. There are no spoilers here, but you might find an answer or two…or maybe a few questions.