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Kindles & Kickstarters ( & Kobos, iPads, Androids, Nooks, oh, my) - For one day only, you can download 1000 books FREE.

For one day only, you get access to 1,000 free books on Kindle, Kobo, Apple, Play & BN.

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Special note to my BN readers: my title for Stuff Your Kindle Day is Talking with the Dead. For some reason, BN’s prices aren’t updating – I use a distributer so it’s nothing I can do manually. But you can download it from Smashwords using the code NC99R.

banner - text reads: YOU, ME & TEA  - shows a picture of BLADE SONG with a sample bag of hazelnut cookie tea from the Tea and Spice Exchange and an acid-etched mug.

My Kickstarter is due to start on July 11! Are you following? If you’re a member of my Patreon or follow me on Facebook, you’ve probably seen some of the updates about the campaign, but there’s going to be some unique items, like hand-beaded bookmarks and acid-etched cups for a virtual tea party (news on that below!)

Most tiers will include a chibi sticker featuring Damon & Kit and rewards start out at just a couple of bucks so I hope you’ll consider supporting me.

For those who are really into the series and want all the bells & whistles with the Kickstarter, I’ve got exciting news about the virtual tea. Most of us love supporting our local businesses and I’m the same. I’m hooking up with The Spice & Tea Exchange in New Albany, Indiana to provide a fun and oh, so delicious tea blend. I plan on letting those who pledge at that level to vote on their favorites but we’ll talk about that closer to! Y’all, I am really excited about this tier. Actually, the whole thing. There’s fun rewards at every level and many items are handmade by yours truly. I hope you’re following!

Science Fiction & Fantasy Book Blast

Yes…!! More Free Books.

Hundreds of free science fiction & fantasy books, along with paranormal romance, urban fantasy and more.

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