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A Kit Colbana World short story, told from Damon’s POV, set between Night Blade and Broken Blade.

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Shows a blade with sparkling blue elements swirling around it against a dark background.  Cover for DAMON 2, A KIT COLBANA CHRISTMAS SHORT

It’s set between Night Blade and Broken Blade.


The message sat in my voicemail for almost a week before I finally listened.

She’d called two more times, but I’d deleted them.

I already knew what Tricia wanted and I had to get off my ass and deal with it, but it was the last thing I wanted to do. I’d put the order in for that blade back before everything went to hell and I didn’t want the reminder.

Still, I couldn’t exactly stiff a person who’d done work.It wasn’t her fault I was an asshole.

Laying on my back in a bed that still smelled like Kit, weeks after she’d last been here, I played the message through, heard exactly what I’d expected to hear.

Before I could put it off any longer, I sent her a text.

I’ll meet you at Bridie’s to pick it up and pay the balance. When?

She responded back by the time I was out of the shower—which was in under three minutes. I couldn’t stand being in the bathroom anymore. Hell, I didn’t like being in my quarters anymore. Everything there reminded me of Kit. The whole fucking city did.

My adopted son reminded me of her.

But anybody who knew Doyle the way Chang and I did would understand that.