Out in one week…

image shows a blond man with blue eyes staring at camera. Left cheek shows tiger stripes ghosting in on his cheek. Text reads: Doyle, A Kit Colbana World Short Story

(I messed up the dates and it’s next week not today, so apologies for any confusion!)

But it’s only one week!

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A Kit Colbana World Short Story

This is a short story. It is only a short story.

Doyle. Human. Tiger. Aneiri. Alone.

Always on the outside, even in a clan. Now, as his dominance grows and threatens to spill out in a wave of violence, he might have to choose between staying with the only family he’s ever known, striking out to lead a solitary life or spill blood of those loyal to the clan…and the few he calls family.

follows the events of Haunted Blade and Haunted Magic


“Who did you call?”

Scott stilled.

Char didn’t answer.

“Char, answer me.”

“Chang. But I also sent a text to Damon, just in case.”

Scott hissed. “What’s wrong, princess? Can’t your boytoy fight his own battles?”

“What’s wrong, prick?” she fired back. “Can’t you handle explaining to your Alpha that you barged in here without cause and picked a fight with a lesser Clan mate and bullied a Clan Healer? Who has you more scared? Chang or the Alpha?”

I felt a whisper in the air currents above me and winced. “He needs to be more worried about—”

Scott’s snarl of a scream had Char yelping in surprise. I grabbed her, wrenched her back, my bad leg protesting, threatening to crumple under me.

I stayed upright. Barely.

Slamming a hand on the wall to steady myself, I stared as a pale-haired fury exploded into the room through the gaping skylight, shards of lingering glass falling down around her like flecks of diamonds.