Doyle, A Kit Colbana World Short Story, now available

image shows a blond man with blue eyes staring at camera. Left cheek shows tiger stripes ghosting in on his cheek. Text reads: Doyle, A Kit Colbana World Short Story

Now available

“You’re thinking too loud, baby.” She rolled over and studied me, her head pillowed on my arm, her cheeks still flushed and her crazy, kinky curls springing into her face the second she pushed them back. “That mind of yours doesn’t ever go quiet.”

“It quiets down some when I’m with you.” I pressed my thumb to her soft lower lip, smiled. “Especially when I’m inside you and you’re begging me to go harder. All I can hear is you.”

She smiled, dark brown eyes lightening to gold-spiked green as her cougar peered out at me. “Keep saying things like that and I’m going to climb on top of you for another round—I’m not sure I can take another without food and water, but it’s one hell of a way to die, fucked to death by the prettiest boy in the Clan.”

I rolled my eyes, then went to my back and pulled her with me. “You love those robbing the cradle jokes, Char.”

“Sure as hell do.” She rubbed her nose against mine. “Whoever would have thought that the best sex I’ve ever had would come from a kid ten years younger than me?”

I bit her lower lip. She squealed and I took advantage, pushing my tongue into her mouth and fisting my hand in the soft, sexy curls that fascinated my tiger.

She moaned and twined her arms around my neck.

And just like that, I was ready again.

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