New Kit story coming…

As I mentioned maybe a week ago? This is actually about Justin and Colleen, but Kit is in the story… I got to thinking I wanted to write a spooky-ish Halloween story and Kit’s been in my head, because yes, I promise I’m working on the next Kit book.

But she couldn’t really be the focus of the one, with everything going on with her.

Then I remembered a giant chunk of writing I’d pulled from another book that just didn’t fit with her story and…bam. Colleen and Justin. Because Colleen is kind of at loose ends after everything that happened to her, and…well, Justin, too.

So…Haunted Magic

Haunted Magic, a novella in the Kit Colbana series, shows a woman with long, curling red hair in a leather jacket, looking over her shoulder at the camera. Magical elements added.

Witches, especially healers like Colleen Antrim, weren’t made to be warriors. Only a select few were born with the aggressive mentality and the offensive magic needed to protect others. This never struck her as a lack, because Colleen was born to heal and nurture.

That was her nature.

Until it wasn’t…

When the man she’s loved for years is used as a weapon against her, something within her shatters, a fundamental shift that changes the very foundation of who she is. Forced to use her powerful gifts in ways they were never meant to be used, the very core of who she is shatters.

Magic made her. Then it broke her. Now it haunts her…and she doesn’t know if she can find her back.

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“It will be fun, breaking each of you, one…” He glanced from Kit to Justin. “By one…” then to Colleen. When his gaze landed on her, her chest went tight from the sheer terror and unknowingly, that fear bled into Kit.

But fear didn’t affect Kit the way it did Colleen.

Kit had lived with fear most of her life and she’d had to learn to channel it, fight through it. Now, lowering her bow, she shifted her stance and slid her hand down to take Colleen’s, her grip calloused and strong, roughened by years of handling weapons, compassionate despite the horror that had been most of her life.

“We didn’t break, Colleen,” she said softly. “None of it broke us. Even if it left us battered, they didn’t break us. This piece of shit won’t do it either.”

She turned her head then and glanced at Colleen, a faint smile tugging at her lips. “Hell, he can’t even break a woman who’s been dead more than a hundred years…what can he do to us?”

Now, Kit looked back at him, her mocking smile a direct challenge.