Let’s not do that again…

AKA… so fricking sick, I forgot to tell you all…

Iron Magic, Ilona Andrews

I hate being sick. I don’t mind having unimpeded, guilt free reading time…and I read. A lot. I read Ilona Andrews’ Kate Daniels series, books 1-8, all between Sunday and yesterday. Sometimes in ebook, sometimes in audio…and speaking of audio…have you listened to this one in audio? That narrator?

Dammmnnnnn…this guy could read phone books and I’d be in.

Anyway. I’m digressing.

I ignored the signs, ended up with a bad sinus infection and a UTI and the lovely NP who treated me Tuesday told me, I can’t believe you’re still on your feet.

Well, I’d spent most the latter half of Monday and all of Tuesday, save for the doc visit, off my feet.

And I forgot…I reissued another one of my old backlist titles! Go, me! I haz book out. Books make me money so I can pay bills and buy food and be a productive society person…and I will not tell people.

Under your spell, second chance romance

Under Your Spell is a sappy, dramatic, romantic novella about two young people who fell in love hundreds of years ago, made mistakes and it takes lifetimes for them to find each other again. Yes, really. It’s been published before. No new material. But a lovely cover, I think…and it’s only 0.99

Second chance/second lives romance

You will never love another.

Aislinn was the only woman Nicholas Montgomery would ever love, a fact he knew even as he was pledged to marry another.

The young, powerful witch’s heartbreak and fury led her to cast a spell that trapped them both for hundreds of years…

You will never love another like you love me.

You will never know a moment’s peace for what you have done.

Until you love me enough to forsake everything – your honor, your pride, your own soul, we cannot be together.

After more lifetimes than he wants to consider, he’s been reborb as Sean Concannon, a powerful witch, and he has finally found her, his Aislinn. But to claim her, he’ll have to make a choice, and a sacrifice he’d never prepared for.


It was by rote that he said the sacred prayers, made his vows to his tiny delicate bride, the woman-child who stared at him with fear in her dark brown eyes. Nicholas could not free his mind from the way Aislinn had looked before land and time and space all became one and he had reappeared in the chambers of his father’s house. She had sent him away.

Remember me …

She had never done that before.

But he had fled from her only days before, when she had pleaded with him to stay. Do not leave me, his proud, stubborn little witch had begged.

Woman, why can you not understand? I cannot dishonor my family.

Remember me…

Yet living in dishonor seemed a small price to pay if he could have Aislinn at his side always. Momentarily, he was stunned that he had thought such a thing. ‘Twas impossible. They could be together, if only the woman wasn’t stubborn, maybe not as man and wife, but together. . .

If I had even half of the talent she had, I would force her to come to me, until she regained her senses. We belong together.

Nicholas stood on the stone steps at the chapel door, facing the priest, Isabella’s right hand laying atop his left while he repeated his vows in a smooth, steady voice. But inside, he was in turmoil. Foreboding had filled him the moment Aislinn had commanded,

“Remember me.” As if he could ever forget.

Her whispered voice, that gentle command, seemed to whisper and echo over and over in his mind, lulling him into a trance.

Remember me…

Remember me…


So preoccupied was he with his thoughts that he barely noticed the disturbance that started in the back of the crowd, until the murmurs grew so loud even he could not ignore them.

Remember me…

A shiver ran down his spine and the hair on the back of his head stood stiff and straight. Premonition, never one of his stronger gifts, was so great in him, he could almost see the blackness that was to come.

But it was too late.