A day in the life of my spam filter… or some such nonsense.

So did you hear about the *massive* security breach at Facebook?

Like fifty million (FIFTY MILLION) users were affected. I’m on the fence, daily, about deleting my page. I hardly ever use my personal one, but I do use it to keep in touch with my two kids are either completely out of the house or mostly. My author page…well, that’s work related and harder to cut out.

Anyway, I went to see if they’d sent out notifications and checked my spam filter, since a lot of facebook notifications go there.

Nothing from facebook, but I’ll have you know…

  • I’m worth at least $90 million at this point, thanks to kind strangers from Nigeria and Nambia and several other countries where I know absolutely nobody. As soon as I’m in contact with them, they’ll forward instructions on how to claim my funds.
  • I also have the biggest penis and some lovely ladies really want me.
  • Conversely, I need blue pills because my erection is waning
  • I must immediately contact the FBI, the Surrogate Court of NEW YORK, USA (is that even a thing), the IRS and the CIA (the CIA and surrogate courts are both new)

Oh.  And I owe like a bajillion people who emailed me through my website emails.

Because my spam filter apparently decided to start considering website contacts as *spam*.

Most of my writing today has either been tweets or something along the lines of…


I’m so sorry this took so long. (My spam filter ate this).

Thanks for writing.  (I hate my spam filter). 

To address your comment…question….etc…etc…etc… (Did I mention I hate my spam filter?) 

Again, thanks so much for writing.  (Spam sucks.)

Best, Shiloh/JC.


…. Ugh. I really do hate spam.

Anyway, if you’ve emailed me and haven’t heard back, you might want to email again. Try shilohwalker at gmail.com (no spaces) instead of the form.

BTW, thanks for all the supportive emails and messages I’ve gotten about the post regarding the Kit series. I very much appreciate it.