Been while since I blogged…

I just noticed that it’s been almost two months, to be exact.

I’ve been busy.  For now, a lot of my writing is ghostwriting, stories I’m doing for my client although I did start working on Twisted, which will be Travis Barnes’ book from the Barnes Brothers series.  The first few chapters are with my agent and we’ll see if it sells.  If it doesn’t, I’ll probably self-publish it.

I’m dealing with a lot of…stress and my depression has been worse since my brother D committed suicide back in May.  I posted about it last year and have mentioned it a few times.  He had been recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder and depression and like many with those diagnoses, struggled with the need for meds, struggled with the idea that he might need help.

In the end, he took his own life.

I’m not angry with him.  I hurt and I miss him, but I’m not angry with him.

There are things I am angry about that I won’t discuss, and unfortunately, these things are contributing to the stress I’m dealing with.  It’s had a negative impact on my creativity and I’m not writing as much for me as I usually do.

I’m cramming on books and things are slowly starting to improve, but for the first time ever, I’m dealing with writer’s block.  Some days, I don’t work on my stories at all.

A few days ago, I got a memorial tattoo done, in honor of what would have been my brother’s 40th birthday.

memorial tattoo

I *do* have some good book news…

I am working on Blade’s End, the next and final Kit Colbana book, but it’s slow going.  It may or may not release this year.  I’ll update as I work so people know where things stand.

For those who enjoy my FBI Psychics, I have a new title coming out in May.

The Doubted – FBI Psychics Book 7

An untrained psychic, a marked man—all odds are against them.

Nyrene Goldman is having one hell of a bad week. First she finds out that her boyfriend isn’t just a two-timing bastard. He’s actually married, and she’s the other woman. Then she’s in a car wreck. The next day she wakes up with the headache to end all headaches…and she’s hearing voices and seeing visions. When those visions start to come true, she doesn’t know whether she’s going crazy or if the wreck rattled her brain.

A trip to the hospital puts her on a collision course with one seriously sexy cop. At the sight of him, everything in her screams DANGER!

Officer Bennett “Dev” Deverall is a man with a target on his back. One of the few good police officers in a nest of vipers, he’s doing his damnedest to put together a case to take out the dirty cops—before they get him. If there’s one thing he doesn’t need, it’s a damsel in distress, but while his armor might be a little tarnished these days, he’s never been one to walk away from somebody who needs him. The problem is, once he gets entangled with one Nyrene Goldman, his already screwed-up life gets even more complicated.

She knows things she shouldn’t know, tells him things nobody should know, and he can’t help but wonder if this gorgeous woman was put here to trip him up at the worst possible time.

But after a few too many close calls, he’s forced to admit there’s something weird going on with the pretty nurse. Something that can’t be explained.

The two of them wind up on a collision course with fate and now isn’t the time to doubt themselves, or each other. Not if they want to survive.

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