Dear Sir, The Apology Isn’t Necessary

necklace I went shopping yesterday… had to pick up a couple pairs of jeans and saw this necklace.  I found it at Torrid, my favorite place to shop, although damn it….please, stop putting fake pockets on the jeggings.

Today we had to go to the grocery story and while we were in the produce section, I was looking at the tomatoes and when I go to move forward, a little girl was kind of…well.  Right there.  Standing next to my cart.

She gave me the sweetest smile, then reached up and touched my necklace.  She didn’t say a thing, just reached up and grabbed the rose, staring at it and smiling.

I smiled back at her and asked her, “Do you like the rose?”

She didn’t answer, but I wasn’t really expecting one.  I could hear another girl behind me, in one of those low voices that people use when they’re trying not to be heard, “Dad, get her, she’s right there.”

Poor guy had like five kids, including my new friend who really loved my necklace.  She’s still petting it and he finally realizes where she’s at maybe thirty seconds later and comes rushing up, grabbing her hand and apologizing.

But there was nothing to apologize for.  A sweet kid saw something pretty that she liked and she wanted to admire it.  I liked the necklace myself, that’s why I bought it.  I told him he didn’t need to apologize and everything was okay.

But it makes me kind of sad, because I know some people would have been bothered by the fact that a cute little girl saw a pretty rose and wanted to admire it.

There isn’t enough love in this world.  Kindness…we need more of it.

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  1. Today I went to a fast-food place, and a little girl of about 6 opened the door (standing smack in the middle of it because that was the only way to brace it open). Her Mom, behind the counter, said, “Get out of her way!” and the girl replied, “But Mama, I’m opening the door for her.” I said thank you and started for the counter when she added, “And you can sit with me while you eat!” I smiled and said that I couldn’t, I was taking it to go so I could eat with my kids at home, but thanked her for the invitation. The mom apologized–her daycare had closed for the holiday without reminding them, so she was without a sitter for the day. Like you, I told the parent there was nothing to apologize for–the little girl was trying to stay out of her Mom’s way and being friendly. I thought it was sweet.

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