The writing blahs

I’ve got the writing blahs. One thing about being a writer, when you have the blahs, it makes it majorly hard to work.  I’m not talking depression, per se.  I’ve been dealing with that for…wow, about twenty years and counting.

Just…the writing blahs.  Days when it’s hard to get motivated and focused, things you need when you’re a creator. Lately I’ve been doing more ghostwriting…the holidays are here and money is always tight around the holidays, so it’s a matter of priorities, and while my GW contracts are usually pretty fun to write, it’s not the same as pursuing the ideas that run around like little white bunnies in my head, desperate to be caught…or at least, they act like they are desperate.

I’ve got three ideas simmering now in my brain and I’m drawing close to being done on F*CK CLUB: SHAME, but I need to get my freelance work done first.

Yet…the blahs.

Working past them.  How to do it…writing blahs

Sometimes I get out of the house and go write, a local coffee shop, a working lunch at a restaurant, but that can get pricey.

Other days, I crank up music and light candles.

On days when I’m really desperate…I’ll work out.

I went out for a working lunch yesterday. I think today, I’ll light a candle and put on some music.

I’m not so desperate that I’ll do a workout.  Not yet anyway.