My Turkey Day…and Small Biz Saturday

Hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving.  This year’s turkey was the best I’d ever made.  I soaked in it a brine of hard apple cider, water, salt and some spices and I injected it with that cajun creole butter sauce.  It sat like that for three days and came out nice and juicy.

I’m torn, though, because as good as that turkey was, there was something almost as, maybe even better…

Texas Chocolate Sheet Cake.

Texas Chocolate Sheet Cake
Image Via BettyCrocker.Com

Oh, my goodness.

FYI, the image isn’t mine.  It’s from the recipe page at

The only thing I did differently was add the nuts after I iced the cake because not everybody in my family likes them and this way I could do the nuts on half the cake and leave the other half plain. IMO, it’s delicious both ways.

Yesterday was Black Friday and I bought a few things online for Christmas, but not much.  I don’t venture out too often on Black Friday.  The guy did, though.  He must have loaded his car up. And he was out early.

Today is Small Biz Saturday.  I’m kinda under the weather so I doubt I’ll do much shopping but we might go out to eat.  That’s a good way to support your locally owned restaurants. That counts, right? And who doesn’t love to eat?

Something else, book lovers….authors are small businesses.  Buying from them definitely counts as supported Small Biz Saturday.

Also, if you donate on Thankful Tuesday which is coming up, be sure to vet your chosen charity at Charity Navigator! I’ll be making a donation to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, in honor of my brother.