What’s In A Name

When it comes to writing, there’s nothing like playing name games. It can be a complete pain in the butt when it comes to writing a book.

The name has to fit the character and there’s nothing like naming your character and being told the name won’t work.

name games

Fortunately that doesn’t happen, but when it does?  Arrrggghhh….

I’ve got the entire internet at my disposal, a baby name book that a friend gave me years ago, numerous baby naming websites and gems like BehindtheName.com if you really want to find a name based on race or where a person is from, etc. 

Some of my best names have come from BehindtheName.com (they do surnames, too) and then my baby naming book, which also has cool lists like Names of Potential Politicians — just so we know what names to avoid these days — Best Girl Hippie Names and Best Jock Name.

But today I was putting together a new book synopsis and I needed seven names…no, ten names. Three couples, one super important secondary and three villians.

Where did I end up going?

Twitter.  And I also looked at the names of the singers on my playlist.  I avoided the Beyonces and Adeles, because they’re rather unique. 😉  Two of the names came from twitter, several came from my playlist, a couple I pulled from thin air.

And they all seem to fit the characters.

You just never where inspiration will strike when you’re a writer.

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