Back from Shameless…recovered? Different story

So I spent the weekend in Orlando at Shameless Book Con.

This is an epic event.  There are three places where I’ve signed like this… RWA, RT & Turn the Page.

That’s it.

There’s a bazillion authors–okay, not a bazillion, but a lot of authors, a lot of readers, a lot of fun and it’s purely a reader event.  It’s also in Orlando. Since there was an event on Friday evening, I made the trip down on Thursday and that meant I had all day Friday free…until the evening, of course. So a reader and I went to Downtown Disney (now called Disney Springs, but Downtown Disney sounds better to me).  I did a little Christmas shopping, we had lunch…fyi, The Polite Pig has some killer wings, then we headed back.

There’s a cocktail party on Friday for VIP ticket holders or you can do various Orlando like things, like…Downtown Disney or Universal City Walk or just hang around the hotel and talk with fellow readers…or I dunno, hang out at the bar and drink a shot that’s called a Blow Job.  Not that I did that.

On Saturday, there’s the big signing, and I mean big.  It’s six hours long and I was busy up until the last half-hour.

There’s a costume party on Saturday night which is always an event, plus another reader thing on Sunday, but that’s my drive home day so I can’t really tell you anything about that.

All in all, it’s absolutely one of the top book events I’ve ever gone to, and hands down, one of the best reader events you can attend, IMO.

Tickets aren’t for sale yet for 2018, but you can watch this page.