What Kit is up to…future books and all that jazz…

Hi Shiloh…just wondering when the new Kit book is coming…

Hi Shiloh…I wanted to ask if you’re going to write any more FBI Psychic books.

Hi Shiloh…I saw that you’re not going to be be able to finish the Veil series…is that true?

This is a rough idea on what hits my email box a lot these days.  ESPECIALLY with Kit.  Yes, she’s in progress.  Like really in progress.  I hope to be done in a couple months, get it off to my editor, then out ASAP.  I’ve got other stories, too…including a contemporary romance trilogy and a new romantic suspense series.

What…what’s that you say??? You’ve got books you’re not writing…

For the past few years, as income at my digital publishers has dropped, I’ve had to find alternate sources to replace that income.

Now…well, Samhain has shuttered its doors.  I’m still trying to get all of my EC books back out and now my Samhain list is backlisted, too.  I’ve been ghostwriting as a source of alternate income, which takes up a lot of time.  But…bills got to be paid, people in the Shiloh-land gotta eat.

Ghostwriting works, yes…I have fun with it, but at the same time, I still want to tell my stories. The problem is having balancing things so that I can do that, have the funds to continue to self-publish…and yanno…eat. Pay bills.

So I’m launching a Patreon page.


Through the clever use of comics and blogger/twitter friends, as shown above, I’m hoping to interest you guys into checking it out.

Because…yes, I have been holding back.

I’ve got a ton of stories in the folder on my computer, but getting them told, having the time to tell them, and the capitol for edits, covers, promo…


Go. Check the link out. Learn more about your brave heroine’s plight and her determination to carry on…and the rewards *YOU* can get if you become a Patron…donations of even just $1 per story will help, and it gets you access to my patron only blog, a free short fiction piece I wrote, and all patrons will be entered for a chance to get TUCKERIZED