And so it goes… Samhain, so long.

Samhain Publishing will be shuttering their doors.

I don’t know when the website will go dark, but readers, if you have books there, it’s a good idea to go and download them.  They aren’t doing an #allromance and disappearing in 3.2.1…. so you’ve got time, but it’s always good to go ahead and back up your library.

And, if you haven’t gotten some of my titles, well, it’s also a good time to do that.

Many are like…half off.

They’d orginally discussed closing up in 2016 but through reorganization, they thought they’d be able to keep going. It just didn’t happen.

So get the books while you can.  Yes, I will get paid.  I’m comfortable saying that.

Yes, I will be reissuing the titles as quickly as I can.