Looking for more reviewers for my street team…

Are you interested in reviewing things early?

I need some more people on my street team.

Now I’m lazy and the big thing you get out of this…well, it’s books. I try to remember to drop in and hang out but between writing and trying to get my backlist stuff out…well, um…again.

I suck at it.

But I still need people who might be interested in helping get reviews of my books out the week of, before or after release.

Are you interested?

In order to join, you have to have an active goodreads account or blog.  Sorry…this isn’t for people looking to get into reviewing and if you request to review and don’t actually post them, you might well be cut.

But if you’re interested, email me at shilohwalker2011@gmail.com and let me know where you’ve reviewed and what books of mine you’ve read in the past.

I’ll hook you up after that.