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psychic romanceNever As It Seems

psychic romance

When a woman shares her deepest secret with the man she loves, the last thing she wants is for him to laugh at her. Or worse…not believe her. But that was what happened three years ago when Chloe Perkins confided in Leo Brant.

I’m psychic.

The words were like a bombshell, one that had a cataclysmic effect on their relationship. Leo’s world was black and white and he didn’t believe in any of that. Walking away from Chloe all but killed him, but the lies she told him would have destroyed them anyway.

Now she’s back in his life, all but thrown into his arms.

He’s got a new job and it’s all centered around Chloe.

Keep her safe. That’s it. He isn’t supposed to want her, love her, need her…and yet here she is, back in his life once more and all he can do is want her, love her, need her.

With danger breathing down her neck, he’s going to have his hands full and he needs to be smart and stay away. But his black and white world is suddenly getting rather gray and he can’t seem to tell up from down, right from wrong, truth from lie…


“I’m getting damned tired of you ignoring me.”

Her heartbeat skittered up into what she was certain was dangerously unstable territory. She needed to get some distance between them, like now. “Leo, it’s been a bitch of a day. Can you have your tantrum later?”

Oh…bad choice of words, she realized about two heartbeats later.

He spun her around.

“Tantrum?” One hand braced on the wall just over her shoulder. The other, he rested just below her other shoulder. The warmth of his skin all but scalded her. His thumb stroked back and forth over the hollow of her throat.

Each stroke had the incredible heat inside her belly billowing higher. Higher. Hunger clawed at her, twisting through her. Her nipples ached, stabbing into the satin of her bra. It wouldn’t take too much more to send it spiraling out of control. It had been far too long since he had touched her, far too long since she had touched him.  She missed his touch, his smile, his laugh…she missed them.

To cap it all off, she knew he felt the same way and the entire drive up here, she’d been blasted with the edge of his hunger, too. Nothing he was thinking came through, but the heat?

Oh, yeah. She felt that.

Now she was trapped in a storm—her hunger, his, they both swirled inside her, spinning into an intense inferno that just might burn her from the inside out.

And Leo wasn’t even aware.

She stared at the center of his chest and tried to think of something else. Anything else.

“I can have my tantrum later,” he murmured. “I’m hauled off the job to babysit you, without really being given a reason. You won’t tell me jack shit and you’ve been treating me like a piece of furniture from the get-go. My boss tells me that you’re being stalked, tells me that your house was burned down. I want some answers, Chloe…that’s all I want. And here you are…ignoring me.”

“Answers, baby.” He curled his fingers into the tense muscles of her shoulders, absently massaging them. “I just want answers. And I want you to look at me, instead of through me…Chloe.”


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reissue, available now.

This book has been previously available.  It has been reedited with some light rewriting. No extensive material has been added.