Avalon…Reissue…Sorta…coming soon!

psychic suspenseAvalon

initially released in the Mythe and Magick anthology

I decided this one didn’t fit in as well with the Mythe story-Mythe is more fantasy romance while Avalon is paranormal, so I’m reissuing this as a standalone title.


The clock is ticking…

Born with a powerful psychic gift, Erin’s entire life has been nothing more than a countdown. From the time she was fifteen, she’s had one clear image in her mind—she would come face to face with a vicious killer before she was thirty.

He would die, but so would she.

With that sort of knowledge, having a life, falling in love…was there any point? No. But life and love happened anyway.

With time running out, Erin has to face the truth. She can’t fight her heart, but can she fight the inevitable?

Seth fell hard for Erin, a fellow detective on the Avalon Police Department, but the woman he loved more than his own life did everything she could to keep him away.

When he discovers why, it’s almost more than he can handle, but he almost lost her once.

He isn’t going to lose her again.

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contains a bonus short story,  FREAK OF NATURE, previously only available in the EC Cavemen Anthology.