Gearing up for conference season…

I’m not doing as much this year, because the guy and I are looking down the barrel at our 20th wedding anniversary.  That’s right… we’ve held it together for twenty years.

And we’re going to the Riviera Maya this summer. Hot damn. Never been, can’t wait. Okay.

Anyway, not traveling as much, but I’m doing a couple of new ones…starting off with the Barbara Vey Reader Luncheon.

See my pretty swag and the flowers?

reader luncheon

It also came with a burn from a hot glue fun-for me, not you.  If you’re able to get to Wisconsin in April, you should check it out. The luncheon is sold out, but breakfast is open and I think the pizza party is…Info here!

There’s also a new event in the fall down in Orlando.  I’m going down Thursday. Because I have a date with Harry Potter. Um…well, the theme park, but that’s beside the point. O.O  Wanna come join us at Shameless Book Con? Please do!