News…on the #notchilled front AND more stuff

Let’s talk the more stuff first, because hey… fun stuff is cool. I’m giving away some signed copies of HEADED FOR TROUBLE over at Dear Author.  Want to win one? Go here

Now. In #notchilled news, several EC titles have been reverted to me, effective 1/31.  Please do not go out and buy these titles before then. EC and I have reached an agreement. Rights are being reverted to me in exchange for unpaid royalties.

I assure you, I’ll do my best to get titles out as timely as I can. They do still need to be re-edited, some needing more than others.

The titles reverting to me on 1/31 are:


Guilty Needs

Lacey’s Game

One of the Guys

Silk Scarves and Seduction

I appreciate the support people have given me over the EC titles.  It means a lot.