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Thirty Nights with a Dirty Boy release schedule!

I’ve had people asking when Thirty Nights will be available and I’ve got a rough estimate now.

We’re planning on releasing the novellas one a week, each week, the first three weeks in December. Sort of like a Christmas present.


Remember, you can read them for free if you’re a member of the Heroes & Heartbreakers community. For people who want their own copies, you can find preorder links here and they’ll be released to buy in February.

Thirty Nights

“Kiss me back, Ella.  I’ve taught you how.  Kiss me back.”

His lips grazed mine, softer this time.

I didn’t respond, though. Not right away.

This didn’t feel right.

He was angry.

Angry…and I wouldn’t see him again after this.  He didn’t…well, want wasn’t the right word.  I could feel his want—it was prodding me in the belly.

Sean Lachlan most definitely wanted me.

And I wanted him.

Wanted…craved…He was a drug and this was the last time I’d ever get a hit.

This time, when he slid his tongue across mine, I responded.  He wasn’t close enough so I stepped in, taking away the distance between us.  When I pushed my hands under his shirt, he hesitated. But only for an instant.

In the next, I was braced against the door.

It was cheap, industrial metal, painted white at some point, but it had long since gone some dingy shade.  I didn’t care.  It could have been a bed of rose or a bed of nails.  As long as Sean was touching me, it didn’t matter where we were or what surface we used.