Psrt 1

Just 1 Week to 30 Nights

One more week until Thirty Nights With A Dirty Boy Part 1 will debut on H&H.  You can read for free if you’re a member…Thirty Nights With A Dirty Boy

“Touch me.” His voice was low and warm, a seductive stroke along my senses.

I was shaking. A nervous wreck inside.

I surprised the hell out of myself when I did just that, sliding my hands up along the muscled ridges of his abdomen and then higher.

Then, staring at the tattoo, I did something I didn’t think I had the courage for—I lifted my hand from his waist and placed it flat against the wall of his chest, where that tattoo spiraled and twisted. “I like this.”

His hand covered mine. Then his other hand cupped my chin. He angled my head back, and with his palm pressing my hand flush to his chest, he kissed me.

It was a deeper, rougher kiss.

It was a hungry kiss.

It was the kind of kiss I’d seen a hundred times—the kind of kiss I’d always longed to have.

And this time, the kiss was mine.