More on Ex-Con

For the first few months, it’s only going to be available able digitally on Kindle Unlimited.  I know I’ve got a lot of readers who read in other formats and it will be made available on those platforms in a few months.

Working with another author has been a lot of fun but it’s also a give and take, finding a way to make our mutual styles and platforms work. Our writing styles seemed to mesh rather well. Now we’re trying to figure out the marketing, and I’m going to admit, M.S. is a marketing genius.  Now…if I can just crack that formula… 😉

Okay, seriously…that marketing thing is something I’ve struggled with. A lot of you know the series funerals I’ve had to throw, so establishing a more sound marketing plan has been a goal of mine for a while. When M.S. and I started talking about things, I looked at the project as a way to maybe start experimenting.

In this market, you’ve got to learn and change and grow, which is all boring, really…but it’s crucial for authors to understand and know that.  So that’s what’s up with the experimentation.

Experimentation is what leads to growth and stability and all that jazz…and growing is what we gotta do if we wanna stay alive.

I hope those who’ve been hanging in with me but don’t read Kindle understand.  It will be coming and soon.