I went to Dragoncon and came back with this…



Interesting souveneir, huh?  I mean, some people get T-shirts or books or that kind of thing.  But no…not this family.

See, I was heading out, about ready to get on 75 North when my husband texts me.

So…when you heading out?

I tell him Right now.

Well, there are dogs in Atlanta.

We’ve been looking for a pup for a few weeks.  Especially him. Ever since we had to put Oreo to sleep.  And once he decides he has to have a dog, he HAS TO HAVE A DOG.

So…there I was, driving around Atlanta, looking for this lady who had some pups for sale.

Her name is Willow.  See? It’s kind of a geek name.

Speaking of Dragoncon, I had a ball.  There were two very cool panels.  Really loved the one on Saturday with Myke Cole and John Hartness.  He writes about Bubba the Monster Hunter.  Seriously.  His hero is named Bubba.  I almost died.

Here’s another cool costume.  FYI, if you don’t know this guy…we can’t be friends.