I missed my calling

Sometimes I think I should have gone into photography.  🙂

See this?  The next time you see it, it will be magically morphed into a cover for the Kit Colbana books.

urban fantasy book covers

Who is that gorgeous young lady, you ask?

Why…that’s Diva.  My oldest.  Yes, it’s kinda small and you can’t enlarge, but I don’t want anybody grabbing it.  I’m taking a whole bunch of pictures of her and my cover lady is going to make her into Kit.  Blonde hair, bad-ass backgrounds…

Cute young lady with kicking sword = awesome urban fantasy book covers.

I’m planning to repackage the whole series.  I love the model I’ve used for the Kit books, but she’s popping up on a lot of books now.  Once I’m done repackaging these, nobody will have these covers.  And I gotta say… my daughter makes one hell of a Kit. At least when it comes to cockiness. 😉