Lori Foster/RAGT 2015… FYI! I’m not coming!

So… I’ve had some people talking about the RAGT…yep, it’s getting close!

Busted Shiloh WalkerFor the past ten years, I’ve been a regular at the reader event hosted by Lori Foster in Cincinnati in June.

Unfortunately, I’m not going to be attending this year and at this point, it’s unlikely I’ll attend future Reader/Author Get Togethers.  I had tons of fun at the events I did attend.  Please know, I’ll treasure the memories of each event!

For those who live in the southern states, I will be attending the Heart of Dixie luncheon on 6/13 where I will be trying not to freak out over Linda Howard and I have promised not to pelt Sylvia Day with various swag bits that area lying on my table.  No, I have never done that, no matter what people at NJRW might have said. O.O.hot alphas Shiloh Walker

Also…tix for the Heart of Dixie luncheon are still on sale. I’ll be signing some of my latest! Other reader events this year include the mass literacy signing at RWA in New York City in July (details to come) and I’ll be at Dragon*Con in Atlanta in September.

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  1. *sniffles* I will miss seeing you. Will I ever get to see you again?

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