Just two weeks until BUSTED…

Here… a nice, dirty little excerpt


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“Your room…where is your room?”

She waved toward the stairs and the two of them half-staggered, half-ran toward them.  Half-way up, he took her to the ground and pressed her to the ground, feasting on her mouth and shuddering at the taste, the feel of her.  Thoughts of regret, fear, hesitation faded away.  Thoughts of control faded away.

He cupped her hips in his hands, her skin burning hot through the thin material.  Against his chest, her breasts went flat and that was good, but not enough.  He caught the tank top she wore and started to drag it up.

She caught his wrist.

“Upstairs.”  She bit his lower lip and then said it again, the demand heavy in her voice.  “Upstairs…now.”

He caught her around the waist, and rose, one hand around the bannister.  He felt half-drunk, his brain spiraling out of control, but for once, it didn’t bother him.  He was drunk, possibly even drugged…but it was only from her.  Pinning her against the railing, he said, “Upstairs.”

Then he returned the favor and bit her lip, reveling in the feel of her reaction, a full body shudder.

It seemed forever before they finally reached the top of the stairs, even longer before they stumbled into the room Ressa pointed out. Finally

Trey spun, trapping her against the door.  A startled gasp erupted from her as he caught the band of her sport bra in his hands.  He would have torn it away from her if it could and he was cursing by the time he was able to toss it to the floor.

Her full breasts swung free and he caught them in his hands, hunger a spike in his brain.  He teased the dark brown nipples that had already gone tight.

“Kiss me,” she demanded, locking her fingers around his neck.

He didn’t even have a chance to follow that hungry order because she tugged his mouth to hers, kissing him with a greedy need all but put him on his knees.  Tongue and teeth clashed.  Her breasts pressed flat against him and it was a sweet, sweet torture…but not enough.  He broke the kiss to tear his own shirt away and then grunted in pleasure at the feel of their upper bodies pressed bare to each other.

She rubbed herself against him and he shuddered, feeling the drag of her nipples over his skin.  Ressa moaned out his name and it sent a tremor racing through him.  His fingers tightened on her and he had to force himself to be gentle but even as he tried to do that, she sank her teeth into his lip, hard enough to bring pain.  He did the same and she moaned into his mouth and arched her hips to his.

Desperate for more, for all, he shoved his hands inside the waistband of her tight workout pants, working himself against the heat between her thighs, but still—not enough.

She whimpered as he went to his knees, jerking her pants down.  When they tangled at her calves, he stopped and leaned in, pressing his face to her cleft.  Soft curls hid her from him, but that didn’t deter him.  He flicked his tongue against her clit and when she bucked against him, satisfaction ripped at him.

The scent of her rushed up to flood the air and he thought he just might go mad for the want of her.  He stripped the pants away and used his hands to tug at her ankles until she widened her legs.

“I need to taste you,” he muttered.  Taste. Have. Love…


The thought should frighten him.

Everything in this moment should frighten him—or at least worry him, because he felt too out of control, scrabbling for any remnant of it.  But all that mattered was having her.  Branding himself on her…and having her brand herself on him.

Leaning in, he licked her, using his tongue open her before going deeper, hungry strokes that had her rocking against his face.

She panted out his name, her hands clutching the back of his head.  “Please… I want…I need…”

When she tried to pull at his shoulders, he caught one wrist, guided it away.

“Stop,” he muttered.  “I need this.  I need to taste you…your pussy, fuck…”

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