I’ll Be Hunting You



Like 50 bajillion people have emailed me about this one…okay, so maybe fifty.  But really recently.

Several of my EC books (actually almost all) are out of print.  I’m working getting them reissued as quick as I can, but I can only do so muc because there is a great deal of work involved, including edits/reformating/covers, etc.

It all has to be done around my current workload which is pretty murderous.

Pretty please be patient.

But Hunters: I’ll Be Hunting You is available again


What if you were born to love only one man…and what happens when he’s gone?

Declan has been Tori’s lover, her friend, her soul mate, but now he’s gone and the grief is driving Tori mad.  While those she loves fear for her safety and her life, Tori is losing herself.

Then she is given a message from a fellow Hunter.  Go.

It’s the last thing she wants to do.  It’s the one thing she realizes she must do.  Following an instinct deep inside…she goes.  And finds something she never dared to wish for.

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