Hitting some blogs…

Okay, so… Edged Blade comes out in…um, one day???? Eeep!

Justin and Tate

I’m hitting a few blogs with excerpts, Q&A, guest posts…and one of them will have the title for Kit #5.

I will also have prizes.  If you drop in and hit the blogs and say hi and be really nice to me, you can maybe win a Kindle Fire or a cool tea infuser cup & a tea mix like Kit drinks.  Okay, you don’t have to be nice to win, but seriously, I’m giving away goodies…why wouldn’t you be nice to me?

Feb 2:
Spotlight & Excerpt: That’s What I’m Talking About
Interview: Book-a-Holic Anon
Guest Blog: Under the Covers

Feb 3:
Spotlight & Excerpt : Hannah’s Words 
Spotlight & Excerpt : Analysis and Reading
Guest Blog: Literary Escapism

Feb 4:
Interview: Reviews by Crystal
Spotlight Blogging by Liza
Guest Blog: Smexy Books

Feb 5:
Spotlight & Excerpt : Books-n-Kisses
Guest Blog: Fiction Vixen

Feb 6:
Interview: : Rambling Reads
Spotlight & Excerpt : Confessions of a YA & NA Book Addict
Guest Blog: The Bookpushers


3 Replies to “Hitting some blogs…”

  1. J.C. Daniels? I will have to check your alter ego out….

    I am really looking forward to Busted and Darker than Desire – I can’t wait!

  2. I got them on kindle I just haven’t had time to read them!! but I know they will be great because I love your other books!!!

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