Twists ahead…are you ready?



“You son of a bitch,” she whispered, grabbing his hair and pulling him down to her.  “You can’t do this to me.  Don’t you know what you’re doing?”

He studied her face and he reached up, ran the back of his knuckles down her cheek, and then, for once, let himself touch her mouth.  “Yes.  Because I’m doing it to me as well.  But you must understand. This, you, me…it could have never happened.  Happiness was something I was never meant to have.  And you would have made me happy.”

He stole a bit of it, though, then and there, pressing his mouth to hers.  “If I could have let myself, I would have loved you.”

Furious Fire, the second to the last in the Grimm Series, is now available.

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  1. Just finished Furious Fire and you weren’t kidding about the twist. Didn’t see that coming!! BTW, loved it and can’t wait for the next one!!

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