Sorry the blog has been so quiet lately.  Life has been hectic.  Things were calming down and writing was leveling out.  Then life sucker punches you, as life does.

Two weeks ago, my brother-in-law–we’ll call him J–had a stroke.  He survived and I think, with rehab, he’ll make a pretty decent recovery.  The kick in the pants is that J doesn’t have insurance.  He worked full-time for a small place, but he had no insurance.  He will have some now, in a month, but that doesn’t do us any good in the meantime and he desperately needs to get into a rehab facility.  Right now, he’s still in the hospital but every day he’s not get the serious rehab a stroke patient needs, the longer it delays his recovery.

The really sucky thing is that it looks like the discharging him to home and do rehab via the home setting, which is far from ideal.

The whole thing sucks. He’s worn out, we’re worn out, I’m running behind.

Also…I kind of have a blog tour going on that I haven’t told you all about…  🙂

You maybe wanna go visit places?  There are prizes!

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The blog tour is for FURIOUS FIRE which is due out Tuesday.


I caught his head, pulling him to me. “Kiss me,” I demanded, the demand more of a husky plea than anything else. His lips returned to mine, his teeth scraping against the lower one, nipping it and sucking it lightly before his tongue started to tease the lower one.

The kiss was a seduction, his hands drove me to madness and I wanted, more than anything, to have him inside me.

“Stop teasing me,” I rasped into his mouth, catching his lower lip and biting him.
He laughed roughly. “I’m not teasing. Once I put my cock in you, I’m going to last minutes at best. I want to make you cry out, need to hear you scream.”

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I’ve been talking about J’s stroke on my facebook page and some on twitter.  A number of people have emailed, asking if there’s anything they can do.  Thoughts and prayers, people.  They mean the world.

If anybody feels so inclined to buy my book Tuesday, and spread the word?  Trust me…that would help a lot as well.

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