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We went and saw TMNT and Guardians of the Galaxy at the drive in over the weekend.  Yes, we still have a drive in nearby and it’s awesome.

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I liked Turtles.  It was, of course, a different interpretation because nobody ever lets a story stay as it is, but I think the green ooze kind of stunk as an explanation for their awesome anyway.  Also, Donatello as a total geek was totally adorable.  The story was all smash-em up, geek fun, typical Michael Bay, but it was cute.


And then, Guardians.  Honestly, I hadn’t planned on seeing it.  Cuz, really… a talking racoon? But, well, color me impressed. But the talking tree-thing was way better than the talking racoon.

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Really. I should just stop doubting.  If it’s Marvel, I just need to say, “Yes.”

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  1. Lisa J

    I knew nothing about Guardians of the Galaxy except that everyone said it was the best ever. That alone made me leery. I am happy to say, LOVED it. I am now the proud owner of a Groot bobble head.

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