So. I made my kids do this…


They got chibi’d.  As the Avengers  & Loki.  Black Widow, Iron Man & Loki.

My Kids. Chibi’d

We went to Fandom Fest in Louisville. It was fun. It was expensive, but fun.

The best part? Seeing my kids chibi’d…and then…this.

One of my favorite shows as a kid was the Showtime series Robin Hood. I loved it. LOVED IT. I had two characters I really liked…neither were Robin Hood. There was Will Scarlet. And then…Nasir. I LOVED Nasir. Nasir was bad ASS. Like whoa and damn bad-ass.

So we were at the con and I saw Bumblebee. As in awesome alien robot Bumblebee right? I want to go get one of the decals for my car and maybe a picture. I’m looking around and I see this picture…

nasir - mark ryan

It’s in the booth along with transformers stuff….yanno, the guy who I assume did Bumblebee’s voice. My brain starts making all these little connections.

Bumblebee, that awesome robot was voiced by Nasir…aka Mark Ryan.

And I got to meet him. My kids saw me geeking out. So, bonus points…I embarrassed my kids, too.

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  1. Kids look great in that pic and isn’t it always a good day when you can embarrass them!?

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