Weekly Wrap-up



I’m mostly done with rewriting Wrecked 3.  That’s the title for now. Wrecked 3.  Trey’s story is harder.  He’s been through more-widowed, plus some stuff that happened after his wife’s death, so he’s tired, sadder.  And his heroine…yeah, well.  She’s a mess.

I posted covers!  Did you see?

I have pretty mens this week!

Shiloh's men

Who is prettier?  Decker from YOU OWN ME or he who is nameless from DARKER THAN DESIRE?  Hmmm?  I can’t decide.  Both of them are hot and sexy messes, but DARKER THAN DESIRE is really going to to appeal to those who like their heroes tortured.  YOU OWN ME is a friends to lovers, because yeah…I can’t write enough of those.

I have a winner…Danielle M won a signed copy of DEEPER THAN NEED.  🙂 Please email me at shilohwalker2011 at gmail.com (no spaces) with your addy!

Now…may I present this daughter/daddy duet of LET IT GO? AKA…the best thing on the internet.


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  1. You Own Me definitely my eyes keep going back to it over and over

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