Facebook type of party…also, for you guys…

So instead of a blog hop, I’m trying a facebook party for YOU OWN ME’s release.


If you’re on FB, you can join us here.

Also, for those who aren’t on FB, if you’d like a chance to get the book before it’s available for sale, leave your name in comments. One person will get a copy. Contest is going to be quick since I keep forgetting to do this. Sorry…back to school chaos and madness is driving me…well. Mad.

Make sure you read the disclaimer.

13 Replies to “Facebook type of party…also, for you guys…”

  1. When’s the party? When I click the link I get oops the page doesn’t exist.

  2. Ok I’ll check out the party but usually I’m at work when they take place…

  3. I’m not on social media so thank you for still allowing me to enter the contest here. Looking forward to the book.

  4. I’ll be without internet access during the day that week. Can I enter via blog instead?

  5. No, Make Kay… this is on FB only. There won’t be entries outside the FB post on the event page, I’m afraid. No way to keep track of them.

  6. Thanks for a chamce to win! Enjoy the FB party, wish I could be there.

  7. Ok, I got confused. I was thinking this was next week, when I will not have internet access. But today, I CAN get on to internet. So I’m withdrawing my blog entry- I can do the FB party. Thanks!

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