Price drop on RAZED… :)

Hey guys… the price has dropped for RAZED on Amazon.  If you pre-order, now is probably the best time to do it.  It’s $5.99 and it’s not likely it will drop any lower…that’s 25% off the regular price.

Here’s a snippet…

He eased back, gave her some space. “Looking for space.” He shrugged and tapped the paper. “I quit my job. Going to give the photography thing a real go. Looking to set up here.”
She blinked, her gaze blank.
He braced himself, uncertain what she might say. So far, he’d face everything from cautious optimism to outright skepticism.
Keelie stared at him for a long moment and then, a smile bowed her lips. “Well. It’s about damn time.”
The calm, easy confidence in those words hit him like a bolt. Straight to the chest. He sucked in a breath, kept it steady out of sheer force of well. “Hey, I figured I’ve screwed around long enough.”
“You made the move on your own time.” She shrugged, looking more at ease.
“That’s how I roll.” He watched as she toyed with the sleeve on her coffee cup. “Keelie?”
She shot him a look. “Yeah?”
This time, he didn’t give her a chance to prepare. He closed the distance, caught her lower lip between his teeth. “I’ve asked about two hundred times, I figure. Maybe this time you’ll say yes.”
Say yes…she stared at him, blood rushing, all but humming in her veins. And her mouth burned from that teasing, not-quite-kiss.
He hadn’t even asked and she was ready to say yes.
“You free for dinner tonight?”
A fist settled in her chest. She had to force the words out around it. “I think maybe we can do dinner.”
“Good. Then I can do this.”
Her heart started to stutter as he slowly, oh, so slowly, kissed her.
It absolutely wasn’t the kind of kiss he should be doing in the middle of a coffee shop, she thought. Because it was the kind of kiss that made her want, made her crave for so much more.
And then, all thought ceased and all she could do was curl as close to him as she could possibly get. It really wasn’t close enough.




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