The Innocent…snippet…

Just a few more days…


Even when she slept, Jay kept herself shielded. The low-level shields were minimal, enough to keep her safe, conscious shields she’d developed and maintained through years of experience.

Except she’d lowered them.

Under the bliss of being able to touch somebody and not take in every emotion, feel their every pain and pleasure, she’d lowered her shields and, now, battered by her own pleasure and the sensory shock of finally being able to revel in real physical contact, she slid into an exhausted sleep.

Without her shields.

It wouldn’t have mattered, maybe.

Except there was so much hell around her.

Linc was a solid, blank barrier, his arms wrapped around her, but less than an hour after he’d slid into sleep, her own restless dreams had her rolling away. Obligingly, he grunted something senseless and rolled away, sliding one hand down her back, a wordless reassurance that she was there.

Then he settled more deeply into sleep and she was left alone, curled into a tight ball as everything started to slam into her.

She locked herself down.

It was instinct, more than anything else, that kept her silent.

Perhaps, if she’d been louder with her dreams, he would have heard her when she slipped noiselessly from the bed.

She rarely sleepwalked.

At home, she had an alarm system that sounded if she tried to leave the house and normally, that worked.

His own exhaustion held him captive as she picked up a shirt from the end of the bed, pulling it on without buttoning it, the white cotton pale against her flesh.

The only sound in the room was the soft brush of her footsteps over the floor as she moved to the door, her gaze locked on it, although she saw nothing.

Even when she reached her destination, she saw nothing.

But there was nothing to see, really.

Everything had already happened.

She was just there for the memories.

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