Heartbreakingly sad

This should be a cautionary tale to anybody seeking unnecessary cosmetic procedures…this is far from the first botched cosmetic procedure, but this is one of the most tragic I’ve seen.

She went in for breast surgery and something went wrong, she went into a coma and suffers from brain damage.  She can’t talk to her own son, can’t walk, can’t talk, according to the information online.

From the article I read…

When 18-year-old Linda Perez went in for breast augmentation surgery in Miami, Fla., last August, she was a fun-loving, spirited mother to a little boy.

Today, roughly three months after she woke from a coma, you would hardly recognize her.

“She goes into depression and crying,” her mother, Mariela Diaz, told the Miami Herald of her daughter, who has been left brain damaged, barely able to speak and requiring 24-hour nursing care.

“She sees that she cannot walk, and when she realizes what happened to her she cries,” said added.

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If you know of anybody (of if you have ever contemplated it), please make sure you/they research all parties involved and go to a VERY reputable clinic.  Personally, I have to question whether it’s worth it.  But if it is done, it should be done right, with all parties aware of the risks, and possible outcomes.  And please…don’t use go the ‘discount’ route.  This place offered a ‘discount’ sort of thing.

Discounts are fine on my tires, my pizza, my gym membership, but some things?  You don’t want a cutrate sort of procedure with something that involves people cutting into your body, pumping anesthesia into your body, altering your physical appearance.

The young woman was honestly so physically stunning, I wonder why she felt she needed to change anything.

Any kind of surgery comes with risk and the risk of plastic surgery are many.  This isn’t medical advice-I’m not a doctor, can’t give it, but just think about it. Think about some of the stuff you read online.

It can make your physical appearance worse

It can endanger your health, as evidenced by what happened to this young woman, Linda Perez.

It can endanger your life.