Email exchange

Sometimes, when somebody threatens to shoot you… and you make them cry… it kinda makes your day.


Did you threaten to shoot me? Over a book?


That’s why I should never send messages via three or four people.  I just finished the third of your Blade books — which I adored.  And I Need, need another one!  So when my office maven told me she was talking with you via someone else — I had just, the night before finished Broken Blade.  I told her to tell you I’d shoot you if you didn’t give us another one 😛  Meant as a funny, seriously.




The second one ended on a –if you leave her in this horrible place I will never forgive you sort of thing.  I reread it in prep for the third book — and found myself sniveling at three in the morning.  For the second time.


This could make an excellent blurb…

“I’ll will shoot her if she doesn’t write more.” Patricia Briggs



Then I get this in the mail.  To seal the threat… *G*  I love it.


My very own silver bullet.

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