Tree is up, lights are on, nobody is home…

At least it feels that way. I’m focused on finishing up the books I’m working on…plus, I’ve got the rough outline for a new RS series coming together in my head.

So I’ve been absentee author.

We have our Christmas tree up. I’m almost done shopping. Almost, not quite. I almost spend more than I should. I need to focus on work and I can’t. Anyway, I’m going to get back to work in about five minutes.

Here’s a snippet from one of the RS books due out next year, SWEETER THAN SIN…

It could be said that Adam Brascum loved women.
It could be said.
But it would be off-target. Adam didn’t love women—he didn’t hate them, but he didn’t love them, either. He needed them.
The soft curves, the scent of their skin, the husky voices as they whispered to him in the night. If he worked it right, he could spent the night with any number of them, and he wouldn’t have to be alone unless he wanted.
Wouldn’t have to be alone, with just the voices in his head, the memory of a phone call, the memory of a smile, the memory of the girl he might have been able to save.
If only he’d done something.

Part of the SECRETS & SHADOWS series… 🙂