Talking Christmas

Those who celebrate, I hope your Christmas was lovely.

The guy surprised me with these…



Corinthian Bells – windchimes I’ve wanted forever, but wouldn’t ever buy myself.  They make the most beautiful music you can imagine.  I love them.

The kids didn’t get as much this year.  They are fine with that.  They were warned. Because since summer, I’ve been taunting them.

You see, the guy and I have talked forever about a really big trip.  Something for all of us but we never got around to it.  We’re running out of time, too.  Bratlet is a freshman in high school.  In a few years, she’ll be off at college, and not long after, so will Monster.

We figured if we’re going to do it, we need to make it happen now.

They’ve gotten little hints.

The place has mountains.

We have never been there (we as a family, make of that what you will)

There are lots of lakes.

There is a famous cryptid the place is known for.

They’ve guessed a lot of places…there’s Bigfoot in the Pacific Northwest.  They guessed the Jersey Devil, but the mountains kinda threw them off.  They thought of Scotland, cuz…ya know, Nessie, but Bratlet wrote that idea off because that’s out of the country and way too expensive.

Well, she was kinda right and kinda wrong.  It is way too expensive but we figured if we’re going to do it, we need to get it done.

In March, we’re going to Scotland.  The cool news is…I can call it research… *G*

We’ll be in the Highlands and yes, we plan on going to Loch Ness.

I can’t wait.

Loch Ness - from Wiki Commons


Image from Wiki Commons


In other news… there’s a contest for an ARC of Broken Blade at the JC Blog

8 Replies to “Talking Christmas”

  1. I love the snow falling on your website! I am so jealous you are going to Scotland! My parents are from there and my older sister was born there (and is now living in Edinburgh), but I’ve never had the chance to go! Merry Chrismtas!

  2. What a great thing to do. We took our kids to England when they were a little younger than your two oldest kids and they still remember every bit of it and they’re in their 20’s now :). You’ll have a fantastic time!

  3. Love the chimes! I have a set and never take them down which is not always good in the winter, but I’ve repaired the strings a couple times and leave them out. I just love to hear them.

    I’m so jealous of your Scotland trip! My grandparents were born there and the family went back and forth several times but I’ve never been. My virtual RWA chapter is going next year, but it’s just too expensive right now. 🙁 So take lots and lots of pictures and you might get Nessie in one! You just never know…

  4. What a wonderful gift for your whole family!

    May you guys have the best time there.

    I hope the new year brings you only good things, with health and joy foremost.

  5. I’m very happy for you and your family. Scotland sounds like a dream. Sorry to bring this up on this stream, but thought you should know that the “widget?” is no longer allowing entries for the ARC even though the deadline says 12/31. I’m sad that i wasn’t able to enter. I adore Kit and this series and have been so anticipating the new book. But I guess I will survive an extra week…barely…lol. Thank you for your books! They are awesome!

  6. Hi @Rosemary… I’m not sure where you see 12/31… I had the widget set to close on midnight 12/29 and the post itself reads:

    To enter to win the ARC, just enter via the widget. My comments are messed up and I dunno know why. Contest closes midnight 12/29. leave a comment below. I’ll leave this thread open for a few days and then draw the winners. FYI, you have to check back to see if you’ve won. For other rules, see the disclaimer. No reviews are necessary, but of course, if you feel so inclined, they would be appreciated. 🙂

    As that was the date stated in the blog post on the JC blog, that’s the date I go by. I had it posted that winners would be posted on or around Tuesday. Could that be what you were referencing? Generally I post winners a few days after a contest closes.

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