Blade Song Cover Young Woman holding a blade - abstract image of a man in the back.

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The sword that felt like a part of me sliced through the air.


Groups of them—

Just kids.


Child. Weak, ignorant child—The crack of a whip slicing through the air. If it kills me, I’ll make you something stronger.

My breathing hitched in my throat.

Hold that weapon steady, Kitasa—useless waste. Oh, dear. You dropped your guard

I stumbled as her voice rang through my mind and I remembered the sickening, wet crack of my bones breaking. The ghostly ache danced up my arm.


I stopped in the middle of the floor and brought my hands to my face. My right hand still clutched my sword and I squeezed it, tighter, tighter.

Get out of my head, you evil bitch, I thought, half desperately.

“You know, whatever those demons are that are eating you up…”

I gulped in another breath of air and lowered my hands, ready to tear into him, ready to turn around and bury my blade in him and screw the consequences.

I turned around. Saw him standing three feet away. “Seems to me you managed to leave them far enough behind. If you can pick fights with vampires, crazy cats and entire packs of rats, I’d think you could deal with whatever those demons were, too.”

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