Another new cover…

Little known fact… this novella from Samhain was kinda the precursor to the FBI Psychics books.  While I was working on it, I thought it would be cool to take the idea deeper, but I wasn’t sure how.  Not long after it was released, I had the idea the for The Missing, which was sold to Berkley.  This one was already out, already published and I couldn’t change how it had been written…but I wanted to work the characters together, since they were so closely connected.  I finally figured out a way to do that, which happened in The Unwanted.

If you have read Talking with The Dead…it’s being reissued.  It’s basically a prequel for my FBI Psychics since that’s what kickstarted my idea.

Now it haz shiny new cover…

TalkingWithTheDead72lg“You already knew that,” Daisy said, her voice trembling with rage.

Michael glanced at her as he reached out and gently tugged the flyer from her. “I suspected it,” he said, stepping to the side. She frowned at him but came in, crossing her arms over her chest. Turning around, she watched him while he closed the door.

Kerri. Pretty name. “She’s worried about her mom.” Michael closed his eyes. “She wants her mom to know what happened. She just wanted to go to a play.” He crumpled the flyer in his fist, clenching his jaw. Impotent fury ate at him. He wanted to hit something. Anything. But instead of pounding on something with his fists, he dropped down onto the bed and stared at the crumpled flyer. “All she wanted to do was see a play.”

“I can’t say anything to her mom until I find her,” Daisy said quietly. “Nobody has even seen her. If I say something now, without proof—that would be cruel, Michael.”

“I know. Daisy, you don’t seem to understand—I’ve been doing this a long time.” Too long…

“You’ve been doing this too long.”

His eyes flew up to meet hers and an unwitting smile curled his lips. He watched as she moved forward and knelt down in front of him. “This hurts you,” she whispered, staring up at him. “I’m sorry. I wish I didn’t need you to help me.”


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