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My winner & my bloggers

The winner of Lynn Viehl’s new steampunk book is Lisa J, who commented:

Thanks to you, I am currently reading the Darkyn series. I am on book 5 and I am loving it.

But, I have to ask, Gena, Jessica?? I need more so I can look for more books.

And the bloggers who are going to help me out with The Protected:








If by chance you all see this before I can email you…please contact me.  Email is shilohwalker2011 at gmail.com.  Lisa (L. Viehl winner), I need you to contact me so I have your email.  Thanks!

Otherwise, I’ll be in touch shortly.

It was hard picking out the bloggers and in the end, I pretty much with went with an eeny meeny miny mo approach.  I do appreciate every body who offered.  You are awesome and I very much appreciate it.


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