Posts might get a little scattered for a while.  I’m trying to stay on top of things with a release coming out soon, but…um.  Well, I got stuff going on.

While I’ve suspected for a while, it was just confirmed that our youngest does indeed have ADHD.  She’s also wicked smart, something else that I’ve pretty much always known.

While I wouldn’t take either of those traits away from her, things are kinda rocky in the household and I need to spend some time getting her on track-knowing more of what we’re dealing with definitely helps, but its’ going to be a work in progress.

It’s…eh, not necessarily easier to understand, but I can look at this with a broader view because of years of working with kids.  I knew what I was seeing and part of me hoped this wouldn’t be so overwhelming.  Yet even knowing this was coming, I’m still overwhelmed.  Even working up to this for months, I’m still overwhelmed and my brain wants to just…asplode.

I don’t see this as a negative thing, at all, which is part of why I’m discussing this.  A lot of people still don’t understand much about things like ADHD– (along with many, many, many other things) they figure it’s a discipline (or lack of) issue or others still have issues just addressing it.

If only it was a matter of discipline.  My youngest has had more discipline than the other two combined.  She needs it.  She also needs structure and rules.  It’s the very foundation of her world.

I’m not ashamed to talk about the fact that I likely have it.  There’s no reason to be-it made me a writer.  My daughter is creative, funny and gifted.  The ADHD is just part of her, and I wouldn’t change anything about her.

My doctor hasn’t ‘officially’ diagnosed me, but there’s never been any doubt of who she gets this from. When we were explaining this to her, I told her that she knows a couple of people, at least, who also have this and one of them grew up to be a writer.  It didn’t take her but a second to figure out who I was talking about.  The creativity that drives me to create stories, to see a picture in in even the strangest of settings comes from the way my brain works and I wouldn’t change it for anything, nor would I change her.

But there’s going to be some struggles because while I coped and adjusted fine, it’s not so easy for her.

It’s lot more than just a short attention span or the oh-shiny thing that some people think.  It’s more than just having 20 radio stations blaring all at once in your head and you can’t figure out which one you’re supposed to listen to. And I got nothing but respect for the parents out there who are already walking this road.  I’m still trying to just get my feet under me.

So if I’m not around here as much, or the other places I normally am, it’s because there’s just other stuff going on.  Family is always first.

Comments are off because while I understand the intent because advice and suggestions, I tend to do better figuring things out on my own.