Small Town…Birthday Bash

Saturday Snippet… and we’re doing this in a weird way, because it’s my birthday and I wanna.

If you comment, you get entered for an ARC of The Unwanted.  These two are kinda sorta connected.

This is from The Innocent, another FBI short that I just finished.  It’s a small town, but no town you’d ever want to live in.


The very last person he’d expected to see in Hell was Jay Roberts.

As she turned around and gave him a slow smile, he was hard-pressed to do anything but stare for almost a minute.  Her hair, a pale, almost white blonde, was colored in streaks of blue and pink here and there.  It might have looked silly on some, but it just suited her.

Half-way down her neck, he could see where her tattoos started and just like the first time when he’d see her—only in a picture, of course—he wanted to peel her clothes away and learned each and every one of those tattoos, each and every curve.  Killer curves, deadly attitude.

And the attitude he’d sensed in their online communication, and picked up on even more in their phone and skype sessions was every bit as sharp as he’d suspected.

A slow smile curved her lips and he wanted to cross the floor, grab her and cover her mouth with his.  Taste her, like he’d wanted for almost a year.

He’d waited that long to finally meet her.

And now he’d life was in shambles and Lloyd Pritchard was threatening to put his hands on her.

Lloyd was an idiot.

But then again, he always had been.

He just might an idiot without arms or legs if he touched Jay.

His heart, so bitter and broken over the past few months, gave a slow, ragged beat in his chest.  Part of him wanted to go to his knees in front of her and wrap his arms around her waist, press his face to her belly.  She would listen.  She would talk him through this and he wouldn’t hear any of the false sympathy, the false hopes—there was no hope.  He was a cop. He knew what was going on.

The other part of him just wanted to tell her to get her ass back in the car and go back to her nice, safe little job in Dallas.

He had no place for her in his world now.

Although he had to admit, she didn’t exactly fit into the safe little picture he’d had in mind.  She’d sent him a few pictures, and although the blonde hair was right, it was done through with stripes of pink and blue.  Her face was the same, heart-shaped with the most fuckable mouth ever and he wanted to grab her up against him, lose himself in her.

But the look in her eyes, somehow both wary and challenging, had him keeping his distance.

She was trouble in a pair of combat boots.  He’d figured that out even as he’d caught his first glimpse of her through the plate glass window.  He hadn’t recognized her from outside.

The soft, throaty voice, a little too rough, a little too raspy, stroked against his senses like a caress and he wanted to kick everybody out of the gas station and ask her why she was here.

Instead, he forced his mind away from the skin-skimming clothes and shifted his attention to Lloyd and his pack of ass-kissing hyenas.

She’d been about five seconds away from a whole world of trouble and he suspected she knew it.  The new sheriff wouldn’t get off his ass to scratch it and city police force consisted of exactly two full time cops and one part time.  None of them were worth the price of two postage stamps.

The best thing Linc could do was get her out of here.  It seemed like the rest of the world had forsaken this town.  Maybe God had, too.


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  1. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a really good day! This excerpt is great and left me wanting to read more.

  2. Happy Birthday! May your day be filled with love and laughter. I love everything you have published, I am sure this will be no different!

  3. Happy Birthday!

    Love Snippet Saturdays, but my to be read list keeps getting longer! I need to retire so I can read all that I ant to!

  4. Happy Birthday!

    Love Snippet Saturdays, but my to be read list keeps getting longer! I need to retire so I can read all that I want to!

  5. Once again, Happy Birthday…..a bit like St Nicholas, giving away things on your own birthday! Very generous. Would very much love an opportunity to do a review on one of your books, have read a ton of them, but never close to release day, so this would be a treat.
    Hope you have a good weekend!.Cheers!

  6. Happy Birthday!!!! I hope you have a wonderful day and do something fun. 🙂 BTE love the snippet thanks for making it related to Jay’s POV.

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    Love your Saturday Snippets. This one in no exception.

  9. Happy Birthday to you, Shiloh!!! Hope you are spoiled and have a fantastic day!!

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    Thank you for the excerpt. Your writing is SO good! I was so happy the day I picked up The Missing and you became one of my favorite authors :).

    Enjoy your birthday!

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    Hope you have a wicked good time that gives you great inspiration to put in your books (wink wink)

  12. Happy Birthday, Shiloh!

    Love this series. Love this snippet. Can’t wait!

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    What an awesome way to celebrate your birthday with your readers. Thank you for the snippet and the chance at an ARC!!

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  15. Very cool, Shiloh! Thanks for the snippet, and wishing you a very happy birthday!

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    Thanks for all the great reads! I’m running out of books you wrote. Keep them coming.

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  21. Happy BIrtday Shiloh, THank you so much for sharing your special day with your readers by giving away goodies.

    thank you

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  23. Wishing you a very happy birthday! I’ve read the entire FBI series — can’t wait for the newest additions!

  24. Happy birthday! Can’t wait to read the Unwanted. LOVE your stories!

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  26. Happy Birthday Shiloh!!!
    I absolutely the FBI Psychics series…The Missing is still my favorite b/c I absolutely love Taige and Cullen’s chemistry. It has one of my top 5 favorite quotes from a book in it. Can’t wait to see what happens in future books with Jillian! 🙂

  27. Happy Birthday!
    that’s really why I commented, the ARC would be nice but I’m planning to buy your book anyway so I wouldn’t be terribly disappointed not to get it, whereas you are one of my fave authors so I am glad I was able to post for your birthday. (I know technically its after but I was working earlier and didn’t see your post til now).

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  29. I’m fully drawn in with the snippets of The Innocent. Guess, now I have to catch up on my reading of this series. Nook purchases to come. And happy belated birthday to you!

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